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Endoscope Service Centre
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How Our Company Works?


Your Endoscopes journey through our company.

Either you can send your Endoscope into us for repair or we can arrange for it to be collected.

The Endoscope will be booked into our database for traceability, s/n, make and model.

It will be passed on to one of our experienced technicians who will take a still photo down the scope and assess its condition.

The technician will then strip the endoscope of its lenses and inspect the condition of each optical component.

All components are inspected under a microscope to ensure that the components are working to the best of their ability.

The broken parts will be replaced and all original components will be cleaned to provide a clear picture.

We stock many parts for various manufacturers. E.g.. Storz, Wolf, Olympus, Aesculap, etc.
High tech equipment is used to set your Endoscope up so it works to the best of its ability.

Our technicians have a technical repair report in which they work through to ensure that the scope will be working to the best of its original ability.

Our technicians are taught by our licensees Scholly fiber optic ( Scholly fibreoptic GMBH supply us with high quality parts, training techniques and up and coming technology issues.

Once your Endoscopes has passed a range of stringent tests (see our service report) another picture is taken).

We will then contact you with the price of the repair.

Once we have received an order number the Endoscope will then be packed and a detailed customer report will be printed and sent along with your Endoscope.

You Endoscope will be sent to you the day after the quote has been agreed. 

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