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We are now seeing an increase in endoscopes that have been repaired by other companies who are just taking endoscopes apart, replacing broken parts and putting them back together with no final setting up or testing!

Endoscopes are technical instruments and have settings so they work in accordance with manufactures specifications and all the other instrumentation that it used along side it ,cameras, cannulas etc. Once an endoscope has been repaired it should be assembled and set up according to manufactures specifications. These settings should then be checked again after final testing as heat can be an influence on settings.

You may look through an endoscope when it comes back from repair and see a clear picture and it looks good, however when it then goes into theaters to be used it fails due to being used with the camera which magnify any faults not seen by eye. When used with a cannula the picture has a dark shadow on one edge or the worse case is that the scopes Ocular focus has been set up incorrectly causing the surgeon to puncture the patient.

We understand theres no way of finding out the full quality of the repair until it is fitted to a camera so we have put together a test sheet called an Endoscope Repair Form which can be found in the main menu. This opens as a word document and can be printed off and sent with your endoscope to the repair company you are using. They can then fill it out and return it with your scope then you can email or fax the form to ourselves and we can check the settings for that scope. If they refuse to fill it out you have to ask yourself why? This is a free service we offer to ensure you are getting the right quality service for your endoscope repairs.

It is also worth asking for broken parts to be returned with you endoscope. This prevents them charging you for parts you can not physically see.

We can audit endoscopes aswell so if you have a reoccurring problem we can look into it for you.

If there are any further details you need please feel free to contact us. 


“Quality makes financial sense”
Quality costs…….but is more cost effective in the long term.
                We have seen a rise of Endoscopes sent in for repair which have received poor quality repairs from other companies who are offering Basic Endoscope repairs at a very low price. They have been sent in for this reason and not that they have been damaged by the end user.
When stripping these scopes for repair we have found the following issues
·         Poorly fitted Fibre Sheaths which cause regular moisture ingress throughout the Endoscope causing further damage to the lens system.
·         Incorrect lenses and spacers fitted which are causing a poor quality picture.
·         Endoscopes incorrectly closed. We are seeing Endoscopes closed with tape and gasket sealant. These scopes will breakdown over time and start to leak causing moisture ingress throughout the scope, causing further damage to the lens system.
Photos of a couple of poorly repaired Endoscopes we received in for repair. Closed with gasket sealant and tape! They should be closed on an aluminum closing ring. Because they were closed incorrectly they suffered moisture ingress when autoclaving.
Photo of another poorly repaired Endoscope received in for repair. Sealed with tape, a poor quality aftermarket Objective, and a lens spacer that looks like it has been handmade (silver spacer). This Endoscope had moisture ingress throughout. and a poor quality picture. We completely rebuilt this Endoscope with the correct Objective, replaced the made up spacer and closed the scope correctly. The Endoscope is now working as it did when it left the manufacturer.
If you are seeing an increase in Endoscope Repairs that are being reported as to having moisture ingress there is a good chance it is down to how your Endoscope is being repaired.
After we repair an Endoscope we would not expect to see it again unless it has been damaged in Theaters or it has broken down over time.
We have taken on new customers who were sending the same scope away for repair 4 times a year! So they may have been paying approx £250 per repair but over a year £1000!!!!
If you feel you are sending too many Endoscopes away for repair please feel free to contact us and we can assess your Endoscope to find out the problem.
Most common end user repairs we see are.
·         Bent Endoscopes causing broken lenses.
·         Electrode/shaver damage to the distal end which can also cause damage to the Objective.
·         Poor light which is either caused by the scope being bent or light fibres breaking down over a period of time.
·         Distal and Proxi glasses leaking due to Solder/bonding being eaten away by sterilization.
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